Magnified Healing ®

By special dispensation, Lady Kwan Yin (The Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion) introduced Magnified Healing ® to the Earth plane in 1983. Previously this healing method was used only in the higher dimensions by Ascended Masters... Magnified Healing ® connects with and expands the three fold flame of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. 

Reiki Relaxes the Body

and Restores Balance


Hours of operation

Tuesday - Friday 10:30 - 7:00

Saturday - 9:00 - 3:00

Closed Sunday and Monday

Reiki Master

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Crystal Healing

When the chakras or energy centers are out of alignment or blocked, the free flow of the body's energy is restricted.  Crystals assist in opening the chakras so that the Life Force may flow freely, allowing for balance and the potential for healing in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.


Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Reiki relaxes the body, reduces stress, balances the body’s energy centers and removes the emotional and mental blocks. It re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental wellbeing. It is provided by a Reiki  Practitioner.



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