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Incredible reiki experience. Isabel is kind, gentle, and highly intuitive. She explains the process so you know exactly what's going on and the whole experience was pleasant. I loved her energy. She was able to pinpoint exactly which of my chakras were "blocked" and so much more. Highly recommend!

Soo Cho, March, 2020

This was my first time with reiki and Isabel was fantastic! I feel 10x better than I did before the appointment. Highly recommend!

Jess Barone,  March, 2020

Isabel is a knowledgeable Reiki Master. I had experienced Reiki before and was a bit concerned trying someone new, the moment I met and talked with her, I new I had found a wonderful healer, her energy is uplifting, calming, and kind. She is a truly remarkable healer. Thank you Isabel!

Barbara Guglielminotti, March, 2020

Isabel is one in a million. Her patience, understanding and reiki practice are all amazing. She is truly gifted and does such a wonderful time explaining reiki and encouraging me - she is such a treasure. I look forward to my appointments more and more.

Deb Denker, March 2020

What an incredible experience! Isabel is a total delight, and my session was powerful, illuminating, and a complete revelation. I highly recommend Luminous Energy Center! Rhea ,March 4/2020

The moment I walked in, the room smelled so heavenly! Isabel explained all of the steps and answered all of my questions that I had. I left the session feeling so relaxed and healed. She even taught me all of the tips and tricks of what I should be working on at home as well!
Narisara Sarobhas, February 2020

My daughter and I had our very first Reiki session and we love it. So much I have scheduled appointments for the test of my family!! Thanks so much Isabela!!!
Cece Merrem, Feb, 2020

Isabel is truly wonderful. I had an incredible experience. I would highly recommend her. Natalya, 2/14/2020

Isabella was incredible! This was my first experience with Reiki and she explained everything, was very knowledgeable and easy to schedule with. Nicole 2/14/2020

Isabel was very welcoming and warm. I was a little nervous to do reiki for the first time, but she made me feel very comfortable. I had a great experience and truly felt lighter, more relaxed, and happier after experiencing reiki with her. I plan to go back!  Christina 2/8/2020

Isabel was very calming and helpful with my session. It was a great experience and I plan to do more. Bonnie, 2/2/2020

My experience with Isabel was a true Eye opener. I would recommend to anyone and will definitely return for a repeat performance.  George 2/1/2020

This has been the most amazing experience ever. Isabel is so genuine and sweet and extremely knowledgeable. She has helped me feel so much better about myself and my life. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking to improve their overall well-being.
Dijana Malbasa, Jan, 2020

Isabelle was fantastic I really enjoyed her energy. She explained the process of reiki in great detail and was very calming to be around. I went in specifically do to feeling a lot of stress in my life and not feeling a 100% myself emotionally. I've done reiki before and I always noticed a very tranquil sensation come over me a little bit of vibration tingling in my feet and hands I can sometimes feel the energy flow through me it's a really interesting experience and not for the closed-minded. As long as you were open to the experience and aware of your body I feel you would get the most out of reiki. I love that Isabelle uses aromatherapy and soft-touch in her work I find that the soft-touch really helps bring the whole treatment together. I always find it hard to deep breathe so she was able to coach me through that she also put some white noise on in the background which helps me to relax a little bit more. At the end of the session she goes over which chakras are balanced or need work. After my session with her I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders I felt so relaxed and whatever was bothering me prior didn't bother me as much after and I felt really light in airy for a few weeks to a month afterwards.I would suggest this to anybody who is going through a really hard time or is just wanting to relax and get into a deeper meditative state. Thank you Isabelle!

Alyssabubbletea x3, Jan, 2020

This is the first time that I have been to Reiki practitioner. I was absolutely blown away! She was so good. Her space is coming and welcoming, and I’m looking very forward to going back. Highly recommend!
Tommie Evans, Jan, 2020

If you are looking for a high-quality, professional, and knowledgeable energy worker look no further. I am so grateful to have found Isabel she has helped me immensely. I am making visiting her peaceful sanctuary at Luminous Energy Center part of my monthly self-care routine.
Alison Ledesma,  Jan.2020

My daughter and I came to see Isabela for our very first Reiki session We love it. We can see the change in our energy and well being. Thank you I recommend Luminous Energy Center.  Cecilia, 1/13/2020

Great experience! I’m feeling so calm and clear from all previous energies. Definitely recommending her and coming again.  Marthe 1/11/2020

Wonderful, interesting experience! I've booked as second appointment.  Justine, 12/30/19

Ms Isabel is awesome. As a first timer, I wasn't sure what to expect but my experience was absolutely wonderful. She was able to identify and clear the blocks that I knew were holding me back. I left feeling like me again, just more energized, clear, and hopeful. Thanks again! Would recommend to all.  Megan, 12/28/19

Eh, good experience laying on a table but didn’t do much for me otherwise.  Amy 12/14/19

Phenomenal experience!!! I can't wait to go back. Isabella is so knowledgeable and she was very calming during the entire session.  Sara, 12/8/19

She was very knowledgeable, intuitive, and kind. She explained everything to me and it was a very enjoyable experience. Will definitely be going back.  Andrea 12/8/19

OMG! The best Reiki experience EVER! I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had a prior reiki experience that was not anything like this. The emotions I felt were so powerful. I was feeling things I thought I had got over or suppressed. Isabel was super sweet and very knowledgeable about reiki and everything that comes with it. I will be going back for another session and I can’t wait to see how this session goes. 5 out 5 stars.  Sasha 11/22/19

Isabel is light and love! I have been working with Isabel for several months now and each time I feel a lighter, calmer and more at peace. She is magical.
Melia O'Malley, Nov, 2019

I have had trouble with my knees locking which affected by balance. When this first happened after I came down a rather high mountain, I had a reiki healer in England release the lock. In the last year it happened again in Denver. I found Isabel, a reiki Master whose energy work was able to once again allow me to release the lick in my knees. I am so very thankful to be relieved of this very uncomfortable situation.
Susan Rifkin, Oct, 2019

Fabulous. Can't wait to go back.  Victoria, 10/27/19

Isabella is an experienced effective Reiki practitioner. I'll go back.  Denise, 10/12/19

I can truly say, Isabel is 5 star worthy. She shared a bevy of knowledge with me, which I will carry with me always. Her radiant energy shined through during my session, and left me feeling restored in ways I didn’t know possible. I look forward to working with her again.
Elle, September, 2019

Isabel is so kind and knowledgeable..... you can feel her healing spirit!  Mari, 9/28/19

Very relaxing treatment and environment. Highly recommend!  Sabrina 9/3/19

Excellent, Never Had This Before, But I Loved It, Able To Relax, Very Comfortable Surroundings, I Fell In Love With This! Thank You!!!!!  Denise, 9/2/19

Very relaxing experience I loved that she explained every step of the process. And gave instructions that I can use in my everyday life.  Lexxus, 8/29/19

She was very thorough. I loved her energy it was very calming. I also really like her method of reiki with the soft touch. She told me which chakras were opened and which were closed and explained them. She provided water at the end. After the session i felt extremely relaxed and as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Made the rest of my day really really positive and great. My hands went numb, i felt some twitching as per usual and could even feel some energy movement. It was one of the best reiki sessions ive ever had. I will return definately.  Alyssa, 8/26/19

Isabel is a kind, gentle, and knowledgeable healer. She takes time to listen, and she explains beforehand everything that she’ll be doing. The space she works in is beautiful and calming. Also, she talks with you after a session to let you know what her impressions were and to let you give her feedback on your experience. Highly recommend! Amy 8/15/19

Very nice! This was my first time ever for energy healing. I felt so much lighter and more free after my session.  Laurie, 6/14/19

I feel calm & invested in taking care of myself after my first session. Very relaxing.  Lisa, 6/1/19

Isabel is wonderful. She’s got a great way of explaining what the appointment will entail and what to expect. She is kind and patient and takes time to talk to you before and after. This was my first of very many Reiki sessions with her. I felt very comfortable with her and look forward to future sessions.  Christian, 4/26/19

I am very happy of service! I highly recommended this businesses for anyone wanting to explore a deeper connection with themselves.  Maybi, 4/14/19

Isabel is a healer and intuitive in the truest sense!! She made my first reiki experience an amazing one. Before everything, she explained the whole process in detail. She gave me a quick energy reading and told me which of my chakras were open and which were closed, as well as gave me insightful guidance in terms of how to heal such areas. I was blown away by how spot on she was in everything that she spoke to- it was truly incredible!! During the whole reiki process, she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. After the reiki healing, I felt so incredibly relaxed and calm. I will definitely be back in the near future! I have already recommended Isabel to friends and will recommend her to anyone and everyone in the future.  Brooke, 4/8/19

IAmazing, me and my wife will definitely be seeing Isabel many more times. We recommend this over and over again. Thank you so much Isabel you are wonderful.  Chris, 2/12/19

Awesome and insightful. Felt much better After the appointment she has great energy. Nicole,1/31/19

Oh this woman is very gifted! Isabelle has very unique abilities that truly generate healing and releasing. She is sincere and caring. Please take care of yourself and book a session with this lovely lady.  Beth, 1/25/19

This was my first time doing Reiki and it was such an amazing and enlightening experience! Isabela was such a joy and amazing soul! I scheduled my next appt and cant wait. I highly recommend her!  Brianna 1/9/19

Isabel is amazing! I have been regularly seeing her for a few months now. She makes you feel very comfortable. She is nonjudgmental and willing to answer any questions. I, like many, have a lot of stressors to navigate in life. Reiki has helped keep me calm and grounded to manage them.  Anna Cooley Dec 2018

Isabel made feel comfortable explaining what she does. I’ve already booked another appointment. Michelle M, December 3, 2018

I decided to try reiki after a friend told me about her experience and Isabel made me feel very comfortable. It was a great, eye-opening experience and I already have my next session scheduled :). Jessica N.  11/23/2018

Isabel was amazing! I totally love the session? I feel completely different in a good way! Fernanda 11/14/18

Wonderful, relaxing can’t wait to go back
Sheila O, Nov 6, 2018

Isabel was awesome. I am so happy I took advantage of this special, and will be returning.  Jessica B Nov3, 2018

Isabel was wonderful and I felt so much better after my session.Theda B,10/24/18

Powerful experience She was great, felt very comfortable Feeling lighter already! Shelby K Oct 19, 2018

Isabel was amazing! I felt such peace and a weight lifted off my back. She helped to direct my energy in a positive direction and it’s already working. I am already booked to go back in two weeks! 10-2-18 Michelle 

Very knowledge and put me at ease with what to expect during my session
Oct 1 2018, Lynn C

I’ve suffered for years with chronic, nerve-related pain from head to toe on the right side of my body, along with pain in a few other areas. When I decided to give reiki a try, it was really out of a last resort. I didn’t go into it thinking it would help. However, now I’m convinced of its deep value as a mode of healing. Isabel has listened intently when I’ve described what I’ve had going on physically and has worked with me to address my specific areas of pain. After just a few sessions, I’ve had almost complete pain relief! I’ve tried so, so many Western and Eastern medicine approaches, and reiki is what has worked best for me. Isabel is a gifted, intuitive healer, as well as a compassionate and kind person. During my sessions with her, I experience deeper relaxation than I do at any other time. I highly recommend Isabel and her work!
Amy Kelly, Oct, 2019

My visit was amazing. For anyone who hasn't experienced Reiki you must try this. I could feel years or anger and stress being lifted off of me.  9/ 21 /18, Mandy C

Wow! ..... I have had several reiki healings. Isabell by far is the best. What impressed me the most was checking Spirt connections, intentions, breathing, and chakras. Her energy is so strong. I will continue going to her for guidance and healings. Sept 8 2018, Debbie M

I had my first Reiki session and flower essence done yesterday, Isabel is so kind and caring, took the time to explain everything, what she will be doing and what to expect. Looking forward to my next session! I would highly recommend her, she is great at what she does!!
8/4/18, Melissa P

Isabel is amazing! I have been regularly seeing her for a few months now. She makes you feel very comfortable. She is nonjudgmental and willing to answer any questions. I, like many, have a lot of stressors to navigate in life. Reiki has helped keep me calm and grounded to manage them. .Anna Cooley, July 2018

Isabel was great! She was incredibly helpful and very patient with me. Definitely recommend!  July 29 2018, Courtney A

I left feeling different than when I arrived.  Everything was explained to me and I was comfortable the entire time. Dana J, May 22, 2018

The real magic happen afterwards. I was immediately calm and felt relaxed and calm. I could breath again with feeling anxious. Everyone around me also felt my calmness. It was contagious. I couldn't help but to return the week after because it was just that awesome. The calmness was beyond anything I have felt before. What an awesome experience. I am so grateful!!
Melissa L.  5/4/18

Isabel is amazing. She has done reiki on me and also my daughter. I felt so much better after my appointment. I feel blessed to have found her. Sherrie M. 4/ 30/18

Awesome experience! Isabel is a gem!!

Stephanie L. 4/19/18


She is so kind, compassionate & gentle. She is helping me heal. I truly recommend "Luminous Energy Center" Meliza Harrison April 2018



Isabel is a true healer! I came to her months ago with a lot of anxiety, a short fuse, and personal blockage holding me back. I have seen her every few weeks for the last few months and see a significant difference in my demeanor, relationships, and even my professional success. If you need any energy work done I would highly recommend her for a great healing experience!! Jordan S 3/8/18


During my visit, Isabel was extremely kind. I felt very comfortable during the visit and I had her undivided attention. I walked out of there very relaxed and feeling great. Her area of work is very inviting.  I highly recommend this place! If you are looking for where to go for reiki, search no more! :) Maneca C 6/4/2017



I cannot say enough about Isabel and her mastery of energy work.  Each time I have an appointment, she assesses my state of being and works on what will get me balanced and centered.   She does a fabulous job of explaining the work she is doing as well as additional things to do at home to carry on the progress after each appointment.  It has really helped me evolve on my own personal journey. 2/3/2018  .Amanda K 


Isabel is truly remarkable! Reiki sessions with her are undeniably transformational. Not only have I experienced shifts within my being and my perceptions of the world, but also the quality of my life. The healing she jump starts within you starts during a session, then carries on your journey with you. I can whole heartedly say Isabel has greatly impacted me. Eternally grateful.  2/10/2018 Britt E

Isabelle was wonderful. Would definitely recommend her services.1/ 23/18, Corey D

 She is very caring and sweet. Her healing is so amazing and I feel so much better after every session. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for healing. 
1/18/2018 Jessica T

What a great experience. I was able to relax and let out so many things I had been holding onto. I highly recommend.  Sarah M Nov 29,2017

Wow amazing! The session was powerful and very enlightening. Isabel cleared away stress of the mind body and spirit. I highly recommend.  Bev T Oct 3, 2017

 This was the best decision I've ever made! I'm mad I waited almost 2 months to schedule an appointment because this was life changing. I plan on going back weekly and I'm so excited. I'm so excited for all the mental, emotional and physical changes I'm already seeing!  M, September 15, 2017

 The best experience in my life!!! La señora Isabel habla español, no habría palabra para describir su energia (cuanta paz) su sesión te transforma. Añade energía , ella explica muy bien... pero es algo que no se podría plasmar en letras, es algo que debemos experimentar. He sentido los cambios y estoy muy ansiosa por la siguiente oportunidad, Es magnífico.. GS – July 20,2017

Isabel is absolutely wonderful. She is very intuitive and her observations were spot on! It was my first ever Reiki experience and I loved it! Very relaxing. It's hard to put into words the feelings I felt leaving my session but I'll try: lighter, at peace, content, clarity, love. I can't wait to go see her again. JC - July 17, 2017

When I went to see Isabel, I felt very welcomed and she was very kind. The place is very comfortable too. I left feeling relaxed and energized! It was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend it!!!! 8 months ago-- Teresa Rudesyle

Where do I start. I had so much on my mind and heart going into this session and as I laid down in my session tears were rolling down my face and each tear that fell, I felt my body become lighter and light. Ms. Izabel was so amazing and I thank my best friend for telling me about this. I feel great and there will be more sessions to come for me. ST - May 24, 2017

Isabel is amazing, and a plus she speaks Spanish too my mom was thrilled! JR- April 12, 2017

 The best reiki experience I've had! So blissful and nourishing for my soul! I notice a shift in my life after each session. Thank you!   9/ 23/16  Rebekahsue12

Isabel is wonderful. She is thoughtful and gentle and I felt better than I have inmonths. SS - October 7, 2016

Such a blissful experience! I've gone back several times, and I notice a shift in my life each time that I do!  RR - August 28, 2016

I had a fabulous experience I came in from out of town with my best friend and did not have any knowledge of the area. Would absolutely recommend!  NR – 8/ 27/16

Isabel has been truly wonderful. I purchased my Groupon right before some very unexpected and upsetting losses in my life. I saw her within a week of same, and she asked immediately what had caused my heart to shut down. She was nurturing and kind with me, and protective, as well. I have since seen her for quite a few more sessions after my Groupon expired, and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend her. She's wonderful to work with, and has helped cause many positive shifts during a major life transition. SK – July 20, 2016