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I left feeling different than when I arrived.  Everything was explained to me and I was comfortable the entire time. Dana J, May 22, 2018

The real magic happen afterwards. I was immediately calm and felt relaxed and calm. I could breath again with feeling anxious. Everyone around me also felt my calmness. It was contagious. I couldn't help but to return the week after because it was just that awesome. The calmness was beyond anything I have felt before. What an awesome experience. I am so grateful!!
Melissa L.  5/4/18

Isabel is amazing. She has done reiki on me and also my daughter. I felt so much better after my appointment. I feel blessed to have found her. Sherrie M. 4/ 30/18


Awesome experience! Isabel is a gem!!

Stephanie L. 4/19/18


She is so kind, compassionate & gentle. She is helping me heal. I truly recommend "Luminous Energy Center" Meliza Harrison April 2018



Isabel is a true healer! I came to her months ago with a lot of anxiety, a short fuse, and personal blockage holding me back. I have seen her every few weeks for the last few months and see a significant difference in my demeanor, relationships, and even my professional success. If you need any energy work done I would highly recommend her for a great healing experience!! Jordan S 3/8/18


During my visit, Isabel was extremely kind. I felt very comfortable during the visit and I had her undivided attention. I walked out of there very relaxed and feeling great. Her area of work is very inviting.  I highly recommend this place! If you are looking for where to go for reiki, search no more! :) Maneca C 6/4/2017



I cannot say enough about Isabel and her mastery of energy work.  Each time I have an appointment, she assesses my state of being and works on what will get me balanced and centered.   She does a fabulous job of explaining the work she is doing as well as additional things to do at home to carry on the progress after each appointment.  It has really helped me evolve on my own personal journey. 2/3/2018  .Amanda K 


Isabel is truly remarkable! Reiki sessions with her are undeniably transformational. Not only have I experienced shifts within my being and my perceptions of the world, but also the quality of my life. The healing she jump starts within you starts during a session, then carries on your journey with you. I can whole heartedly say Isabel has greatly impacted me. Eternally grateful.  2/10/2018 Britt E


Isabelle was wonderful. Would definitely recommend her services. ·

January 23, 2018, Corey D


She is very caring and sweet. Her healing is so amazing and I feel so much better after every session. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for healing. 

1/18/2018 Jessica T

What a great experience. I was able to relax and let out so many things I had been holding onto. I highly recommend.  Sarah M Nov 29,2017

Wow amazing! The session was powerful and very enlightening. Isabel cleared away stress of the mind body and spirit. I highly recommend.  Bev T Oct 3, 2017


This was the best decision I've ever made! I'm mad I waited almost 2 months to schedule an appointment because this was life changing. I plan on going back weekly and I'm so excited. I'm so excited for all the mental, emotional and physical changes I'm already seeing!  M, September 15, 2017


The best experience in my life!!! La señora Isabel habla español, no habría palabra para describir su energia (cuanta paz) su sesión te transforma. Añade energía , ella explica muy bien... pero es algo que no se podría plasmar en letras, es algo que debemos experimentar. He sentido los cambios y estoy muy ansiosa por la siguiente oportunidad, Es magnífico.. GS – July 20,2017

Isabel is absolutely wonderful. She is very intuitive and her observations were spot on! It was my first ever Reiki experience and I loved it! Very relaxing. It's hard to put into words the feelings I felt leaving my session but I'll try: lighter, at peace, content, clarity, love. I can't wait to go see her again. JC - July 17, 2017

When I went to see Isabel, I felt very welcomed and she was very kind. The place is very comfortable too. I left feeling relaxed and energized! It was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend it!!!! 8 months ago-- Teresa Rudesyle

Where do I start. I had so much on my mind and heart going into this session and as I laid down in my session tears were rolling down my face and each tear that fell, I felt my body become lighter and light. Ms. Izabel was so amazing and I thank my best friend for telling me about this. I feel great and there will be more sessions to come for me. ST - May 24, 2017


Isabel is amazing, and a plus she speaks Spanish too my mom was thrilled! JR- April 12, 2017



The best reiki experience I've had! So blissful and nourishing for my soul! I notice a shift in my life after each session. Thank you!   

Sep 23, 2016  Rebekahsue12



Isabel is wonderful. She is thoughtful and gentle and I felt better than I have inmonths. SS - October 7, 2016

Such a blissful experience! I've gone back several times, and I notice a shift in my life each time that I do!  RR - August 28, 2016

I had a fabulous experience I came in from out of town with my best friend and did not have any knowledge of the area. Would absolutely recommend!  NR – August 27, 2016


Isabel has been truly wonderful. I purchased my Groupon right before some very unexpected and upsetting losses in my life. I saw her within a week of same, and she asked immediately what had caused my heart to shut down. She was nurturing and kind with me, and protective, as well. I have since seen her for quite a few more sessions after my Groupon expired, and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend her. She's wonderful to work with, and has helped cause many positive shifts during a major life transition. SK – July 20, 2016Type your paragraph here.